Experiential learning at it’s toughest – Outdoor emotions

I’m looking down from the edge.  Deep below me I see white foam where the waterfall hits the water in the lower bassin. My heart is pumping like crazy, my breathing goes faster and I can’t swallow.  My easy day guide says I just have to take a big step and land half a meter from the foam so I  won’t hit rock.

I’m doing what I should do.  I look up at the sky.  Focus on my abdomen, feel the fear and investigate it with curiosity.  Feel the physical reactions of my body and focus on my breathing, in and out.  My heart rate is going down.  I hear a voice counting down.  Three, two, one and there I go …

Leap of faith v2

Photo by Bernat Gasca Sanahuja (http://www.verticalemotions.com)

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