About giving and connecting!

20131215-110212.jpgAs the Christmas party at work was coming closer a discussion was going on regarding the gift arrangements.

In previous years a decision was made on a fixed budget and then we would have a big name draw on who would buy for who. As every year the next question popping up in my head is: what would that person be happy with? And what can I give that’s not too ordinary and is something meaningful? I must confess I’m already having a hard time on deciding what to buy for my friends and family, let alone for a colleague.

This year was a little bit different though, I’m changing jobs. After only getting to know my new colleagues briefly, the gift arrangement turned out in my favour. The idea was this: invite a colleague for a tête-à-tête dinner and make an original invitation for your colleague to hand over at the Christmas party.

Nice, not only did this give me the opportunity to get to know my colleague a little bit better, I also didn’t have to think about a present, just an original invitation had to be made.

I decided my invitation had to be something:

  • personal
  • that tells something about me
  • would be a conversation starter
  • that my colleague would remember afterwards

So I made a hand drawn invitation for my colleague.

When I finished it I had some interfering thoughts: Is it good enough? Or over the top? Maybe my colleague will think it’s stupid…

And then I remembered the ‘golden’ rule: ‘One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself’. And I would love to receive something like that from someone else.

My colleague was delighted when receiving the invitation and the best thing was to see the smile and the happiness.

Later on that night I had a conversation with another colleague about giving. He told me he always tried to give a lot just to see how happy people are that someone thinks about them and does something special for them and that it makes you feel genuinely connected.  Everything else just starts from there.

When was the last time you gave something special to a colleague and really connected?

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