Learning Design


Learning design

Learning design can be as varied as:

  • a one day workshop
  • the curriculum of a training program or development track
  • a long term organizational change track

In the design process there are two major drivers: personal power and the creation of learning posibilities

Personal Power

Every person and every situation has the potential to grow: there are some small sucesses, talent and energy is hidden in every human being.  The starting point is developing what is already there.  Building upon what is there and what is possible (instead of what is missing or what is not possible).  Working with what people want to do en can do (instead of  what they don’t do well, or don’t want to do).  Stimulating growth by using the inherent potential of people and organizations. 

Learning Posibilities

Besides the question how to develop and realise powerfull learning processes is the “why”  of the design also of major importance.  The design has the ambition and wishes to create learning possibilities that contribute to:

… individuals that manage to get the best out of themselves, manage to convert their passion and talent into personal growth.  Supporting people to be owner of their own learning process and work, helping them to realise a future for themselves where they can truly live up to their potential.

…organizations that form a rich learning environment for motivated people.  A place that challenges people and inspires them to put their talents into action for a common goal.


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